<<I inspire YOU, the wise wild woman to walk the journey of living your best life. I am committed to supporting you in moving through your obstacles, fears, doubts, celebrations (!!!), rising and your path of unleashing your magic within.>>


I am a vivacious free spirit, avid dreamer, wise (i’d like to think) wild woman and badass entrepreneur!

Let me tell you a little about myself….

I am an Inspirational Speaker, Lifestyle & Spirituality Coach, International Retreat Leader, Yoga Instructor, International Wellness Specialist and Founder of Moon Sister Rising, a Global Movement threading together retreats, events and workshops that raise the collective vibration, empower your voice, nurture your soul and awaken internal sacred feminine energy, all in the name of creating magic alongside mother earth. An entrepreneur, traveler and avid dreamer, I dedicate my life to raising the collective vibration and empowering YOU to RISE UP into your highest self. 


<> I love to surf.

The ocean teaches me so much about myself, calls me on my bullshit, challenges me, brings me face to face with my fears, draws up the lessons I need to learn, cleanses my spirit, awakens my soul, feeds my creative nature and is my playground for FUN! (I am a huge believer in adding FUN into your life and keeping that at the top of your priorities list!)


<> Travel and wanderlust is a piece of my DNA.

My lust for freedom, adventure, learning ancient healing practices, rituals, ceremonies, spirituality, leading retreats, living a life connected and rooted in the earth, exploring our planets many diverse cultures and environments and moving out of my comfort zone to unbind my raw soul….runs deep through my blood and travel is my medicine. (Journey with me on our upcoming 2019 retreats. ~>) :: ::Explore Retreats Here:: ::

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<> Inspiring change and transformation is my calling.

I’d like to think this passion runs so deep, that is chose me. I believe we are ALL meant to live a miraculous life that radiates our dreams and spirit within. When I first learned how much power we have in creating our own happiness and designing our dream life, everything shifted. I commit every day to growing, exploring, inspiring and nourishing my soul with the experiences and knowledge that will allow me to not just survive, but to thrive and make an impact on our planet, creating a life that inspires me daily and that I am head over heels in love with!

I am committed to creating this shift for my clients. YOU inspire me daily. Nothing excites me more than watching you rise, step into your power, own your voice, birth your badass creations into life, bravely journey through the darkness and leave your potent mark on our world. Thank YOU for saying YES to your calling and showing up both for yourself and to serve.


<> Spirituality rules my world.

I remember as a child I would run away into the woods daily. My mom would always get phone calls “are you looking for christa.” I can still picture this magical world tucked away in the woods, a different realm that I would escape to. I still wonder if my child eyes could access this fairy land and as I grew older and the layers of “life” built up, my eyes were no longer able to access this magical place. I grew up in a heavily catholic family and devotion was everything to me. As I got older, began traveling the globe and became more of a free-spirited hippie, my religion transformed into spirituality.

I believe our connection to the universe is the “secret sauce.” I practice manifestation and base my entire life on my connection to mother earth, energy, spirit and the divine shakti within me. I believe that when you place this connection at the forefront, tap into your intuition and internal guide and live from a place of energy rather than only what you can see through your five senses, this is where the shift happens and where an empowering life full of alignment, synchronicity and pure magic is created. #thisshitworks

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I Love….

<< yoga, sunflowers, my pup Toby, talking to the trees (yes you read that right), pasta, fire, walking barefoot, dancing, the beach, the sun, community, massages, plants, sage, snowboarding, high vibes, moon cycles, my tribe of soul sisters, pachamama and birds.>>

How WE Can Work together:

My life mottos; "Be Fearlessly YOU" &  ~be barefoot. be wild. be free~

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Xx Christa