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in the World!

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Are you ready to rise and thrive?

We have entered an age of rising. Sisters are joining together, tribes being formed with women from all around the world, all hearing that same calling to RISE, share their sacred gifts with the world, bring our planet back into balance and live a life of creation, inspiration, empowerment, freedom and abundance (good bye are the days of the starving artists, healers, change makers and spiritual teachers.) Now more than ever in ancient history is the time to follow your calling and step into the unknown, committing to living a life that feels like magic, a gift that only showing up and saying YES to the calling of mother earth can create.

So What Does This Have To Do with Coaching? Rising is tough work. Some days you feel on top of the world, birthing magic and feeling empowered as your inspiration and creations overflow…others are roadblocks, overwhelm, confusion, not sure where to turn, a dry spout for inspiration, fears, doubts, challenges and a lack of self-confidence. These blockages, limiting beliefs and fears can cloud your vision and prevent you from hearing your greatness within, the new project that wants to be given wings and birth into life or to find clarity around the real culprit that is keeping you from moving forward ….This is where I come in! I listen for your greatness, draw it to life, shine a light on your road blocks and guide you through inspired action stemming from your heart and life’s calling. The greatest teachers, athletes, successful entrepreneurs and leaders, all have coaches, because they know on their own they are strong, but with coaching they are an unstoppable fierce force. When you commit to living your best life and being the highest version of you, you are sending a message to the universe that you are ready to say HELL YES to playing BIGGER and in return mother nature sends you all of the guidance, support, opportunities and alignment you need to thrive.



Where are sessions held? All sessions are held via FaceTime, Zoom, Skype or in person (depending on location). This means no matter where you are located, we can connect and create magic together!

How long do sessions last? Sessions are generally 60 min. Initial session is 2 hours. This is so that we can explore where you currently are and where you are headed. This also allows us to determine if we are a good fit. I want both of us to enter into this partnership excited and a HELL YES! to working together. At times, we may need more or less time for our session. We will evaluate this and adjust as necessary. **Unless stated otherwise, sessions are 60 minutes.

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Curious about Coaching, but want to get to know me, my work and what I’m all about?

No worries, I get that! Check out a talk I gave at the Moon Sister Rising fest, to get a sense of who I am and the magic we can create together!



Kariina Rand

"Working with Christa has opened my eyes to the potential within myself. The power I hold in the being of me. Her guidance is thought-provoking, but also very tangible in the goals and challenges we set together. Christa is an excellent mirror to the truths I've held about myself and gently inviting those truths to no longer guide my actions. It has been truly a pleasure to work Christa, she a true partner and advocate for the life you dream of living. I cannot thank her enough for inviting me to see myself for all that I am. Thank you."


Jennifer Anderson

I have been thinking about you - it is about one year ago that you helped change my life! Literally one year ago this month you made the connection between me and Heather…the year has flown by and I am a full-fledged “luxury travel consultant” with clients!! I could not be happier. I give thanks to you all the time for your role in this career change…first planting the idea, then helping me to believe it could become a reality and third setting up the connection to make it happen!