First and foremost I hope you are having a kickass friday morning and letting the sun both heal and uplift your vibration.

I have a message for you today that is the core essence of everything I AM and believe in. The frequency of the message that fuels my devotion and that I pray is shared, authentic and relatable. 

This morning I was sitting having coffee with nadia and read the below..These words spark my soul, ignite my inspiration and bring me back to my inner and outer connection. I hope they do the same for YOU...

IMG_6735 (1).jpg

This spark in my soul is everything I live for. I truly believe we all deserve this feeling of unapologetically going after our dreams, playing BIGGER and living a magical life we both love and have created. I have dedicated my whole life to living in this way, guided by my intuition and have proven, speaking from my own experiences, that if we choose to follow our hearts and cease our dreams, (it may take time and courage) we will find magic does exist and live our BIGGEST dreams. 

  1. How can you consciously choose to live from your feminine side more? (aka trusting how powerful it is to connect and follow your intuition over "suffering hard work and forced action)

  2. What is your "gremlin" that tells you "your too small, you'll never make it" can you use this to teach you over hinder you?

  3. How can you choose TRUST over FEAR?

For the love of being a WILD badass,




In this program you will learn to trust and embrace the power in energy, the feminine, Mother Earth and your intuition, through creating a passion project.

Our planet is lop sided right now. For a long time there has been a strong focus on the masculine, praising unhappiness, hard work without passion, starving the soul and living from our fears. I have felt and maybe you have as well, that there is a major shift taking place to restore what is broken. 

This project is a stand against an epidemic within society that needs desperately to be healed and brought back into balance. It is a journey in choosing to create a life you love.

What is it not? It is not pushy, reckless or asking you to move any further than you are ready for. It will simply lead you to your intuition, creating your dreams and maybe even some magic. ;)

High vibrations,