Birthing your Passion Project

::Empowering Your Spirit::

Our Journey Together

Two In Person Gatherings + One Online Group Session + One 1:1 Session!

Starting on the week of SUMMER SOLSTICE we will celebrate the welcoming of summer and harness its power to birth your BADASS Passion Project to life!

Session 1 ~ Craft Your Clear Vision, Intention Setting, Defining Your Core Values and Building Your Key Focus ; Explore the path of stepping into your power to dreaming and living bigger. In Person Gathering (Location Highlands NJ)

Session 2 ~ Build Out Your Passion Project. When I think about where my best work was created, it always brings me back to the beach, lady ocean, waves crashing, warm sun beating on my skin, salty air, FUN, inspiration and a cleansing energy running through me. ::In the name of empowered creating - This session will be held at the beach!:: (Location Highlands NJ)

Session 3 ~ Building Community + Getting Your Vision Out There - (Topics we will cover include; time blocking, the importance of FUN, social media, finances, marketing, graphic designs, events, retreats, workshops , partnerships, sponsorship’s & more!) This is an Online Group Session held via Zoom - **class recording included

Session 4 ~ Birthing Your Project - 1:1 Session (Either In Person or via Zoom - Date TBD)  

When you sign-up, you'll be contacted to select your group: 

Group A: Wednesdays, 10am-12pm EST (June 19, 26, July 10)

Group B: Sundays, 10am-12pm EST (June 23, 30, July 14)

Your Investment: $395

VIP Package: $495 (includes 2 1:1 sessions)

Empowerment Package: $1,800 (includes program + 3 months 1:1 coaching)

(**Payment plans available - please contact for info**)


What if I am not clear on a passion project I want to do, but I know I am meant to create something?

Then this course is for you. Settle in. We will embark on this journey together to inspire and support you in uncovering your vision, goals, and biggest dreams. All of this is with the intention of you aligning yourself to your desires. This is the portal and the vehicle to create and clarify that project that is burning inside of you, just waiting to be unleashed to the world!

Do I need to be an entrepreneur to join?

No! This program is for entrepreneurial spirits, inspiring humans who want to make a difference and follow their dreams. This does not mean that your dream needs to be full time owning your own business. 

What if I am not available to join the online Zoom call?

No problem! The Online Group Session is recorded and uploaded within 24 hours. You can access this at any time.

What else is included besides the gatherings, live call and 1:1 session?

Each session is connected with a ‘Soul Sheet’ workbook, FB community support group, an accountability partner, suggested reading recommendation list, fresh juices and nourishing snacks!